Best G Shock for Military in 2021


The G Shock is a watch that has been around since the 1980s, but it’s still one of the most popular watches in the world. It’s also one of the best military watches on the market.

The best g-shock watch 2021 is a question that has been asked by many people. There are so many different G Shock watches on the market, but which one is the best?

G Shock, designed by Casio, has been a lifetime companion for many who like rugged and environmentally resistant timepieces, particularly military personnel. 

With so many versions available, deciding on the finest G Shock for military people to purchase for yourself or a coworker may be difficult. But don’t be alarmed; we’re here to assist you. Here’s a rundown of the nine finest military-grade G Shock watches, as well as a review.

Review of the G Shock Watch

Without further ado, let’s dive into the evaluations of each of these watches and see why they made the cut to help you decide.

1. Casio GD350-1B Men’s Watch 


The Casio Men’s GC350-1B is a digital watch with a black resin bezel and a yellow-marked casing. The resin composition makes the clock simpler to maintain and allows it to endure longer.

This watch has a wide and easy-to-read screen, with a face diameter of 49mm. Furthermore, the readings on the screen are so clear that they can be seen from a distance. 

This model, like other G Shock watches, is shock-resistant and water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters. So, whether you’re in battle, scuba diving, or falling from a great height, this watch will keep working flawlessly.

The GD350-1B also has a big button for the watch’s countdown timer, which is a feature that other G Shock watches lack. Furthermore, the LED illumination comes on automatically as you lift your hand to see the watch face. It’s known as the super illuminator by Casio. The watch’s face can be seen at night or in unusually dark places because to its strong backlight. 

The GD350-1B is compatible with 35 different time zones and 100 different cities. It also has a 12-hour/24-hour time format as well as a complete auto-calendar with pre-programmed dates up to 2099. Its five daily alarms help you remain on schedule. Countdown timers, daily alarms, and hourly time signals all include a vibrating function that notifies you.

These power-draining functions are handled by the watch’s CR2032 battery. Its battery has a lifetime of up to 5 years, and you’ll be informed whenever it runs out. Have you made up your mind?


  • Battery life is extended. 
  • Screen is large and well-lit.
  • Water- and shock-resistant
  • Alarms with vibrations that can be turned off


  • There is no provision for solar charging.
  • There is no magnetic resistance.
  • It’s a bit of a hulk.



One of Casio’s most popular G Shock watches is the GD350-1B. It certainly takes the cake when it comes to the finest G Shock for military applications, with a user-friendly and easy-to-read design, simple navigation keys, and a time zone that spans 100 cities. 

2. Casio G-Shock Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR Men’s XL Series


If you’re looking for a tough G-Shock watch with high technological improvements, the Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR is your best option. This analog-digital watch comes in a dark grey resin with a utilitarian military watch face and a 3D dial hand, among other hues.

This watch, like other G Shock watches, can withstand a lot of shock. It’s also water-resistant to a depth of 200 meters. The Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR is made to last thanks to its functionality. 

A 24-hour countdown timer with a 1/100 stopwatch, elapsed time, split time, and first-second phase countdown modes is included in the Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR. It also has super illuminator LED illumination that brightens up when placed near a person’s face. The distinctive front button may also be used to manually switch on the lighting.

In addition, the watch includes 31 time zones that span 48 cities, and you may switch between them. As a result, determining the time difference between coworkers in different cities is no longer a problem. You may also set regular alarms to remind you of your obligations. The Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR is 2.5 ounces in weight and runs on a CR2016 battery with a 5-year battery life. 


  • Screen with plenty of light
  • The afterglow function keeps the screen on for a while.
  • Battery that lasts a long time 
  • Resistance to water, gravity, and magnetism
  • It’s designed for everyone and may be worn on any occasion. 


  • Solar energy cannot be used to charge batteries.



If you’re searching for a watch with a striking design that will get you noticed, the Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR is the perfect option. Its unique features, such as the super illuminator and 24-hour countdown counter, have made it a popular G Shock watch.

3. Casio Quartz GWM5610-1 Men’s G-SHOCK


If you’re searching for a G Shock that you can wear for any occasion, even when you’re not on duty, the Quartz GWM5610-1 is the watch for you. This is one of G Shock’s solar watches, designed by Casio in 2011. It may last for up to ten months when completely charged. There’s also a visible battery life indicator that alerts you when your battery is low.

Additionally, you can extend the life of your battery by lowering the screen brightness, activating dark mode, deactivating the wrist raise function, and activating power reserve mode, among other energy-saving choices.

Furthermore, you may set up to five daily alarms to remind you of outstanding tasks. Furthermore, as your hand moves near your face, the auto backlight function illuminates the screen. It is, of course, automatically deactivated when your battery is low.

Furthermore, it is shock and water resistant to a depth of 200 meters. Last but not least, the Quartz GWM5610-1 has a global time that spans 48 cities and includes roughly 29 time zones. It also has a fully automatic calendar that runs until the year 2099. 


  • Solar-powered battery charging ensures a long-lasting battery. 
  • Switching between time zones is simple. 
  • When the battery is going low, the battery level indicator will alert you.


  • Screen size is small. 
  • It’s difficult to navigate with stuck metallic buttons. 



This one-of-a-kind Quartz GWM5610-1 G Shock model is solar-powered, giving you the real essence of long-lasting battery life. If you’re on a budget and want a solar G-Shock, this is the watch for you.

GW-9400 G-Shock Rangeman


The G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 belongs to the master G class of watches, and it can withstand shock and water for up to 200 meters. It also has triple sensor capabilities, allowing it to maintain altitude, indicate temperature levels, measure air pressure, and assist you in navigating.

All of these characteristics are useful for military personnel, particularly while they are on the move or in camps. It also monitors altitudes ranging from -700m to 10000m and air pressures ranging from 260hpa to 1100hpa. Soldiers may be alerted to low oxygen regions by altitude and air pressure, which necessitates the use of oxygen tanks.

Furthermore, a compass may assist you in navigating your way across the water or locating your destination if you get disoriented. Furthermore, you can quickly check the temperature of your present location, and the watch will sound an alert if the temperature changes significantly. It can, however, function properly at very low temperatures.

When it comes to alarms, this one allows you to create up to 5 daily alarms. It also includes a global clock that can indicate the time in 31 time zones across 48 nations, as well as a full-auto pre-programmed calendar that runs from now to 2099.

Finally, with a featherweight of 93g and a 53.5m face width, the watch seems less cumbersome on the wrist.


  • Waterproof and shockproof 
  • It features a compass and measures temperature. 
  • To assist you estimate oxygen levels, this device measures altitude and atmospheric levels.


  • Comparatively costly
  • Doesn’t work with solar power 



The G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 may be your safety buddy at camp. You’re well-informed about the circumstances in your surroundings thanks to measurements of temperature, altitude, air pressure, and many other important factors. 

5. Casio GA100-1A1 Watch


The Casio Watch GA100-1A 75g watch is shock-resistant, magnet-resistant, and water-resistant up to 200 meters. It has a black resin watch face band and rough surface buttons to assist you grasp the controls firmly.

While it has many of the same characteristics as other G Shock watches, such as a super illumination backlight that enables you to read the watch’s display in dim light, the Casio Watch GA100-1A 75g also contains an hourly time signal that beeps at the hour mark. In addition, the watch offers you the option of manually turning off these alarms.

On the subject of alarms, you have five daily alarms to choose from, divided into four daily alarms and one snooze alarm. These alerts may assist you in staying focused and on track with all of your tasks.

The GA 100-1A1 also has additional time functions, such as a word clock that allows you to choose between 29 time zones in 48 cities. A full-auto pre-programmed calendar with a date range of 2099 is also included with the watch. The CR1220 battery, which may last for at least two years, powers all of these functions.


  • Water-resistant, shock-resistant, and magnet-resistant 
  • Super-bright lighting and a larger screen for better visibility


  • The battery, on the other hand, does not last very long. 
  • In comparison to other G Shock watches, the world clock covers fewer time zones.



Looking for a G Shock watch with a larger screen that is shock, magnet, and water resistant? The GA 100-1A1 is the finest option for you. If you’re on a budget, this watch is also an excellent choice. 

6. CASIO GG1000-1A5 G Shock Quartz Watch


The CASIO G Shock Quartz Watch GG1000-1A5, also known as the Mudmaster, is a robust and tough-looking gadget from the master G series. It’s made to withstand the most severe and hostile circumstances. It’s also shock, dirt, and water resistant to a depth of 200 meters.

With the assistance of its gaskets, the watch’s small design prevents anything from entering, so go ahead and get dirty. This monstrous G Shock is a grade A when it comes to visibility. It features clearly labeled 12, 9, 6, and 3 hour markers, as well as a 56.2mm screen diameter for easy reading.

A compass is also included in the watch for simple navigating to a desired destination. When you’ve lost your bearings, this function comes in useful. Within a range of 0-359 degrees, you may measure your direction.

Furthermore, you may use this watch to quickly determine the temperature of your present location. To sum it up, the Quartz Watch GG1000-1A5 has a global clock with 31 time zones spread over 48 cities. 


  • Resistant to water, dirt, and shock
  • Sand or dust cannot enter due to the small design. 
  • Easy navigation using a bidirectional compass 
  • For easier reading, the screen has been widened and the hour markings have been made visible. 


  • It’s a little hefty in the hand, weighing in at 3.2 ounces.
  • Comparatively costly 



Despite its relatively expensive price, this massive, multipurpose watch is one of G Shock’s best-selling models worldwide. It’s tough and can withstand severe circumstances, making it ideal for all recruits who must through extensive training.

7. Men’s Casio G-Shock GA700CM Series Camo Wrist Watch


The Casio G-Shock GA700CM Series Camo Wrist Watch is an analogue-digital watch with a complete eye-catching silhouette on the case. Its camouflage hues make the screen’s indicators stand out, enhancing visibility.

Furthermore, the superluminous lighting aids in the illumination of the screen in dark places. You may also adjust the lighting duration to up to 3 seconds. The screen’s 53.4m diameter improves visibility.

In addition, the G-Shock Quartz GA 700CM-3A has a 60-minute countdown timer and a 1/100-second stopwatch. These timer features assist you in staying on schedule with your everyday tasks.

Furthermore, you can determine the time in 31 time zones spanning 48 nations. Finally, the gadget is powered by a CR2016 battery that lasts at least five years.


  • Battery life is extended. 
  • For easy screen visibility, choose a large screen size.


  • The battery can’t be charged by the sun.



If you desire a long-lasting battery and excellent screen visibility, the G-Shock Quartz GA 700CM-3A is the watch for you. The battery in this watch lasts for five years before it has to be replaced.

G-Shock Gulfmaster GN-1000-1AJF (G-Shock Gulfmaster GN-1000-1AJF) (G-Shock Gulfmaster


The G-Shock Gulfmaster GN-1000-1AJF watch is part of the Gulfmaster line and is shock and water resistant up to 200 meters. The urethane strap ensures that the watch fits snugly around the wrist. It also includes an extremely bright LED backlight that illuminates when it is brought near to a person’s face.

This Gulfmaster also has dual sensor models that enable you to rapidly determine direction when at sea, as well as a weather prediction indication that alerts you to changes in the weather. The gadget also includes a moon age indicator and a tidal graph to assist avoid shipwrecks by measuring high and low tides on the sea.

A global clock with 29 time zones from 29 cities is also included in the watch. The watch is powered by the SR927W, which has a battery life of up to two years. 


  • A tough and durable timepiece that can withstand falls and shocks.
  • Keeps you up to date on the weather prediction.


  • Solar energy cannot be used to charge the batteries.
  • Comparatively costly



If your work requires you to spend more time at sea, the G-Shock Gulfmaster GN-1000-1AJF is the watch for you. With a compass that can easily assist you find your way on the water, sail to shore safely while avoiding high tides that may cause shipwrecks.

9. Casio G-Shock Quartz Watch for Men


This Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch is ideal for anybody on a tight budget who wants a water and shock-resistant G-Shock. The black resin strap on this sports watch weighs 1.87 ounces and fits nicely around the wrist.

The watch also includes a countdown timer that can be set to countdown in 1 minute or hour increments. It also includes a 1/1000 stopwatch for timing any action inside a certain time frame. At the hour mark, the watch alarm sounds. You may, of course, disable this functionality if you don’t want it.

The G-Shock Quartz also features a 12/24 hour time format, as well as a full-auto pre-programmed calendar that goes up to 2099.   


  • Waterproof and shockproof 
  • For those on a tight budget, this is a good option.


  • It has less sophisticated features. 



If you’re on a budget and want a watch with shock and water resistance, we suggest the Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch.

When Buying a G Shock, Look for the Following Features:

While the abundance of choices on the market may make the decision difficult, the following are the most important things to consider before buying a G Shock.


One of the many essential things to consider is the battery life. You can either buy a watch with a five-year battery life (which is great), or you can get a watch with solar charging capabilities that might last a decade or more. 


Always double-check the breadth and visibility of the screen. The capacity to read is critical. What use is a watch with all the bells and whistles if you can’t read the time or see anything on it?

Consider the following scenario: you’re in a gloomy location with a low battery and can’t switch on your backlight. A small screen will exacerbate the problem. Get a bigger screen, like the G Shock GD350-1B, and you’ll have a better time. 

Other Smartwatches Can’t Take the Place of G Shocks 

When you tell others you desire a G Shock, they may suggest alternative watches for you to consider. Can these watches survive falls and other hard conditions? While they can do comparable tasks to the G Shock and even more, can they withstand falls and other severe conditions? No. The G Shock is in a class by itself when it comes to toughness and resistance. 

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What Are the Signs That a G Shock Is Fake?

The packaging is the first characteristic that may be used to verify the authenticity of a G Shock. The barcode on the original box may be scanned to validate. Furthermore, the warranty card serves as an additional verification method. G Shock is distributed only through Marco.

As a result, their name appears on all warrant cards. To sum it up, the super illuminance of false G Shocks is generally faint, and gloomy places are difficult to see in. 

Is it OK for women to wear G Shocks? 

Yes, absolutely. G Shocks aren’t only for a select group of individuals, despite their widespread popularity. Casio has also created G Shocks just for ladies, such as the GMAS120MF-7A2 and the GMDB800SC-1B. 

With a G Shock, how far can I go?

Most G Shocks have a maximum depth of 200 meters below, making them ideal for scuba diving. But keep in mind that using it in aquatic activities such as bathing and swimming on a regular basis may decrease its water resistance. 

Is G Shock Used by Navy Seals and Special Forces?

Although navy seals and special forces don’t have a standard watch, many of them use brands like G Force and Seiko. Since it became public knowledge that the Casio G-Shock DW-6600 was previously given to seals, G Force has been a popular option.

The Final Word

For decades, G Shock has been one of the most tough and durable watch brands. It’s no wonder, therefore, that its timepieces are among the most popular among military personnel. We hope this guide has been helpful in your search for the finest G Shock for military camps or survival excursions.

You may pick from a broad variety of customized military timepieces. You may buy the G-Shock Quartz GA-700UC-8ACR or the G-Shock Quartz GA 700CM-3A, for example, if you want a G-Shock with a long battery life that can last for years without charging.

If you want a mud-resistant G Shock, go with the Quartz Watch GG1000-1A5. Finally, if you’re on a tight budget, the Casio Men’s G-Shock Quartz Watch would serve.


The best g-shock for outdoorsman is a watch with many features that make it ideal for military use. It has an impressive battery life and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which G-Shock is best for military?

The G-Shock GA-100.

What G-shock Do navy SEALs wear?

The G-Shock watches that are used by Navy SEALs are the GW-5000.

Which G-Shock model is best?

The G-Shock GA-100

  • g-shock military edition
  • g-shock military ga-110
  • g-shock dw-6600
  • best-selling g-shock of all time
  • best g-shock for hiking
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