How to convert JPG to PDF using Google Drive & Adobe Acrobat Online


The how to convert pdf to jpg in google drive is a tutorial that shows how one can use Google Drive and Adobe Acrobat Online to convert PDF files into JPEG images.

Text, images, and even media assets such as music and video may be embedded in a pdf document. Acrobat Pro DC, an Adobe product, is a pdf reader and editor that allows you to view and modify PDF files. 

These are, however, proprietary applications, and you must pay to use them once the trial time expires. Other applications and online tools can convert your papers and JPG images to PDF format, but you’ll have to submit your files and documents to their servers.

If you’re worried about your privacy and don’t want to utilize an untrustworthy web tool, you may convert your documents or pictures to PDF using one of the ways listed below.

Google Drive may be used to convert images to PDF.

It’s important to understand that PDF is a portable document format, not an image file format. It basically implies that you are embedding a picture inside a PDF document rather than converting it to that format. All of these techniques are essentially for embedding a picture inside a pdf document. 

You may generate a PDF file with your picture file using Google Drive or Google Docs. The steps are outlined in full below.

Step 1

Use the following link to access Google Drive.

To log in, use your Gmail login id and password. Click the My Drive icon on your Google Drive page, then Google Docs > Blank Document.


Step 2

In the PDF file, paste the picture you wish to insert. To insert the picture, go to the Insert menu bar and choose Image.


You may also upload a photo from your computer, Google Drive, or Google Photos. You may also use an image URL to embed the picture. You may also use the camera on your computer to snap a picture.

Insert the picture after selecting the relevant option. Resize the picture to fit the dimensions of the page. 

Step 3

Now, in Google Docs, go to the File menu and choose the Download option. Then, under PDF Document (.pdf), choose PDF Document (.pdf) to get a pdf file with your embedded picture. 


Adobe Acrobat Online may be used to convert images to PDF.

You may also convert your picture files to pdf files via Adobe’s website. You’ll need to upload the picture file first, then get the pdf file with your image. 

Step 1

Use the following link to access Adobe Acrobat Online.

Step 2

Select a file by clicking on it.


Go to the picture file on your computer and open it. To upload the picture, choose it and click Open. 

Step 3

The website would then transform the picture and provide you with a link to download it. To get the PDF version, click the Download button.


If you wish to Convert additional pictures, you’ll need to Sign In using either your Google Account or your Adobe Account on this page. It only allows for one conversion without requiring a login.

Using Microsoft Word, convert an image to a PDF.

You may easily convert a JPG or Image file to PDF using Microsoft Word. The steps are outlined in full below.

Step 1

In Word, create a new document. Select Pictures in the Ribbon menu from the Insert menu. Navigate to the picture file using the This Device option. 


Step 2

The picture may be resized to cover the whole page. By navigating to the Layout menu, choosing Margin in the ribbon menu, and then selecting Narrow, you may alter the page margins.


Step 3

We may now save or export our document in PDF format. To save a file as a PDF, go to the File menu and choose Export. Select Create PDF/XPS from the drop-down menu.


Step 4

Type the filename for your PDF and the file location in the Publish as PDF or XPS box. Finally, to generate the PDF file, click the Publish button.


Smallpdf JPG to PDF Online Converter is a useful tool.

You may also use an online application like Smallpdf to convert your pictures to PDF. It has applications for reading, editing, and converting PDF files on both the desktop and mobile platforms. 

Step 1

The following link will take you to their online JPG to PDF converter.

NOTE: The link to the Smallpdf is given for your convenience only and does not imply our support, approval, or sponsorship of the Smallpdf. Only proceed if you are prepared to put your faith in this website.

Step 2

To upload a picture from your device, choose From device from the menu next to Choose Files. You can also use Dropbox or Google Drive to upload a picture. 


More than one picture may be added to a Smallpdf document. By hitting and holding the Shift key, you may pick several pictures from your computer. All of the pictures you’ve submitted may be merged into a single pdf file, with each image on its own page. 

Step 3

Finally, to save the PDF version to your computer, click the Download option. Smallpdf also allows you to save the converted PDF to your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I combine jpegs into one PDF in Google Drive?

To combine jpegs into one PDF, you can use the Paint tool in Google Drive.

What is the fastest way to convert JPG to PDF?

There are a variety of methods for converting JPG to PDF. One method is using the online service,

How do I convert an image to PDF?

You can use the free online converter at

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