How to join One UI 4.0 beta program on Galaxy S21 to try Android 12


Join the One UI 4.0 beta program on Galaxy S21 to try Android 12, which is the latest version of Samsung’s mobile OS.

The one ui 4.0 beta download is a way to try out the latest version of Android, One UI. To join the program, you must have a Galaxy S21 device with Android 12 installed.

Samsung launched the One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta program for the Galaxy S21 yesterday. In Korea, Vietnam, and Poland, the program has finally gone live. In the worst-case scenario, it will be accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India within a few days or weeks. So, if you own a Galaxy S21 smartphone, read on to learn how to join the One UI 4.0 beta program on your Galaxy S21 to test out Android 12 features.

Before we get into the process, have a look at some of the key features of the One UI 4.0 custom skin. Samsung has released its newest Android-based skin, which includes a slew of new features and enhancements. New widgets, extremely smooth animations when opening and closing applications, a revamped fast panel, automatic dark mode for backgrounds, icons, and graphics, a new charging motion, and much more are included in One UI 4.0. To learn more about One UI 4.0 features, see our dedicated One UI 4.0 features page.

With the Samsung Members app, you may participate in the Android 12 Beta Program on the Galaxy S21.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series may participate in the Android 12 beta program via the Samsung Members app, which is based on One UI 4.0. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, or Galaxy S21 Ultra, you must first launch the Members app on your phone. The One UI beta program banner will appear in the top part of the app or in the Notices section when you launch it. Simply press the enroll button after tapping on the banner.

Is everything finished? Within a few minutes, your Galaxy S21 line smartphone will get the One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta upgrade through special OTA. If you don’t get the update notice, go to the Settings app, go to Version updates, and then download the latest software, which is Android 12 beta.

We don’t suggest sideloading these upgrades on main devices since it’s a beta build. You may test it if you’re in a hurry and want to sample the future features. But first, check out the full changelog for One UI 4.0 beta, which is available for the Galaxy S21 with the G991NKSU3ZUID build number.

Changelog for One UI 4.0 (Android 12) beta for Galaxy S21

  • Screenshot of your home
    • Widgets on the Home screen have been updated to provide more information at a glance while also improving the look of your Home screen. You’ll also receive suggestions for widgets that you may find helpful.
  • The screen is locked.
    • From the Lock screen, you may now change the audio output to a different device, such as headphones or a speaker. Depending on whatever music app you’re using, you’ll also receive unique controls.
    • You can now make voice memos without unlocking your phone thanks to a new Voice Recorder widget on the Lock screen.
    • From the lock screen, a monthly calendar displays in the Calendar widget to help you keep track of your activities.
  • On Display At All Times
    • When you get a notice, you may configure the Always On Display to turn on.
    • There are new animated stickers available.
  • Panel in a Hurry
    • With an improved style and a combined section of alert and quiet notifications, you can better manage your alerts.
    • The fast panel’s brightness bar is bigger, making it simpler to read and change.
  • Dark Theme
    • Wallpapers, icons, and graphics are now automatically darkened to provide you a more uniform appearance and greater eye comfort.
  • Effects of Charging
    • When you start charging, new visual effects emerge to help you monitor the charging pace.
  • Keyboard Samsung
    • With a single button, access your emojis, GIFs, and stickers straight from the keyboard. It’s just a tap away from expressing yourself.
    • Are you looking for a fresh way to express yourself? Combine two emojis, then add an animation to truly convey your emotions.
    • Downloadable animated stickers are now available.
    • With Grammarly’s new Writing Assistant, you can keep your grammar and spelling on point (English only).
  • Tips
    • When you open the Tips app, you’ll see preview movies that will help you discover all your Galaxy can accomplish.
  • Sharing
    • To minimize clutter, you may modify the list of applications that show on the share panel, and swipe left and right across the lists of apps and individuals for faster access.
    • When you attempt to share photos with issues like poor focus or framing, you’ll receive recommendations for how to improve them so that your photos always appear their best.
  • Camera
    • Enjoy a cleaner, more straightforward layout with a preview that only displays the information you need. In Photo mode, the scene optimizer button will only show if there is poor light or if you are scanning a document. The Portrait and Night modes now have more straightforward settings.
    • Lens and zoom: Zooming is made simpler by seeing the zoom level on the lens symbols, even in settings that only allow one lens.
    • Video that never skips a beat: Instead of starting recording when you release the Record button, it now begins immediately when you touch it. To begin recording a video in Photo mode, press and hold the Shutter button. To continue recording without holding down the button, drag your finger to the Lock symbol.
    • Single Take: When filming in Single Take, add additional time to ensure you don’t miss any crucial moments. Following the completion of the recording, the content selection menu has been enhanced to make it easier to pick the ideal pictures.
    • Pro mode: The settings have been rearranged for a more professional appearance. Horizontal level indications help you set up the ideal picture when grid lines are enabled.
    • Improved scan features: After scanning a document, you may zoom in to make precise adjustments. When a QR code is scanned. Depending on the kind of QR code, you have various choices.
  • Gallery
    • On the cover of stories, there is now a video teaser, as well as a highlight video within. On a map, you can see where each photo in an article was taken.
    • When it comes to organizing albums with a lot of pictures, there are more choices.
    • When you open albums, the album covers now appear at the top of the screen.
    • To make it easier to discover photos and videos, search recommendations have been enhanced. Searches that have recently been performed are also recommended.
    • Even after they’ve been saved, remastered images may be restored to their original forms at any moment.
    • You may now change the date, time, and location of your photos and videos.
  • Editor of photos and videos
    • Emojis and stickers are a great way to spice up your photos and videos.
    • Combine various pictures and videos from your Gallery to make video collages.
    • The new Light balance option makes it easier to adjust the tone of your photos.
    • The highlight reel editor has also been improved to offer you greater flexibility.
    • Even after they’ve been saved, you may revert modified videos to their original forms at any moment. •Cut a face, a pet, a building, or any other item from a photograph and paste it onto another.
  • AR Emoji
    • In Contacts and your Samsung account, use an AR emoji as your profile image. You may pick from a variety of positions or design your own.
    • There are now new AR emoji stickers that solely display your face. Have fun creating and sharing your pictures with your pals.
    • Use your AR emojis to create amazing dancing videos. There are ten distinct categories to choose from, including #Fun, #Cute, and #Party.
    • Make your own AR emoji outfits using your own designs.
  • Multitasking
    • To make the window options menu simpler to reach, pin it to the top of a pop-up window.
    • With pinch zoom, you may easily resize picture-in-picture windows.
    • While utilizing edge panels, keep your current app visible. To assist you see more at once, the blurring has been eliminated.
  • Settings
    • The new Safety and Emergency menu allows you to keep track of all of your emergency contacts and safety information in one convenient location.
    • Improved search capabilities make it easier to locate the settings you need when you need them. Depending on what you search for, you’ll receive recommendations for similar features.
  • Wellbeing in the Digital Age
    • With the new Driving monitor, you can keep your eyes on the road. You’ll receive statistics on how much and which applications you utilized on your phone.
  • Clock
    • Depending on whether it’s day or night, the dual clock widget now displays distinct backdrop colors for each city.
  • Calendar
    • The redesigned Calendar style allows you to quickly add events. Improved search tools make it easier to locate events.
    • A new widget on your Home screen displays your monthly calendar as well as today’s activities.
    • Invite other Galaxy users to join your shared calendars.
  • Messages
    • In the Messages app, photos, videos, site links, and other material will now show in search results.
  • My Files
    • The search capabilities have been enhanced. Even if there is a mistake, you can still locate the files you need.
    • The Recent Files section has been extended to make it easier to locate files you’ve recently used.
  • Internet from Samsung
    • When you type text into the address box, you’ll see additional search options. The results will be presented in a completely new format.
    • The new search widget on the Home screen assists you in finding what you’re searching for.
    • If you used Secret mode during your previous browsing session, Samsung Internet will immediately start in Secret mode to safeguard your privacy.
  • Device Maintenance
    • The primary panel displays battery and security concerns, making it simpler to rapidly resolve difficulties.
    • The entire state of your phone is shown as an emoji, allowing you to check it at a glance.
    • Device Care now provides direct access to Samsung Members diagnostics. If anything seems to be wrong with your phone, do the diagnostic tests to figure out what’s wrong and obtain solutions.
  • Samsung Health is a Samsung subsidiary.
    • A new tab layout at the bottom of the screen makes it easier to find the functions you need.
    • Your profile, weekly summary, badges, and personal bests are all shown on the new My page tab.
    • You may now choose “Other” or “Prefer not to say” for your gender.
    • Sending a link to your friends makes it simpler to invite them to team challenges.
    • The meal tracker has been updated to include more snacks.
  • Routines in Bixby
    • There are more options for your routines now. Begin a routine when on the phone or when a certain notification comes.
    • Make your routines more effective. Enhanced processing may now be enabled through a routine. There are also additional connections and disconnections options for Bluetooth devices.
    • Touch and hold actions on the edit page to reorder them. Advanced options have also been introduced, such as the ability to delay the commencement of an activity, confirm actions, and more.
    • So you can do even more with your routines, we’ve eliminated limitations for certain combinations of conditions and actions.
    • Using the Camera or a picture from the Gallery, create unique icons for your routines.
  • Accessibility
    • Move your mouse cursor to one of the four corners of the screen to perform tasks faster.
    • With custom Display mode, you may change the contrast and size at the same time (High contrast or Large display).
    • With a floating button that is always accessible, you may easily activate accessibility features.
    • There are more visibility choices available to suit your requirements. You may darken the screen or decrease the transparency and blur.
    • Set distinct colors for each app’s notifications so you can quickly identify which app is sending you alerts.
    • The Magnifier window and the new Magnification menu have been combined to provide you additional choices and control over magnifying information on the screen.
  • Privacy
    • In the Permission use history, you can see which applications are accessing critical permissions like Location, Camera, and Microphone. Any applications that you don’t trust may have their permissions revoked.
    • When an app uses the camera or microphone, a green dot appears in the top right corner of the screen so you can see whether it is recording you without your permission. You may also utilize fast panel controls to prevent all applications from accessing the camera or microphone for a certain time.
    • Give applications that wish to access your location greater control. You can provide access to your approximate position to applications that just need to know your general location, such as weather apps, so they can’t figure out precisely where you are.
    • You may need to copy sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers from time to time, but you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. You may choose to get notifications whenever an app accesses information copied to the clipboard in another app.
  • Following the One UI 4 upgrade, certain applications may need to be updated individually.

You may now update your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone to the latest One UI 4.0 beta with ease.

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