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Madison Genthry

Madison Genthry is a passionate tech enthusiast and the founder of Euro Tech Talk. With an unwavering love for all things technology, Madison has dedicated herself to creating a platform that brings together tech fans from around the world. Madison’s expertise extends beyond tech as she understands the interconnectedness of various niches. From gaming to social media, gifts, and travel, she ensures Euro Tech Talk covers a wide range of topics to cater to the diverse interests of tech enthusiasts.

Renee Matheson

Renee Matheson is a dynamic publisher and editor, responsible for overseeing the operations and content strategy of Euro Tech Talk. With a profound passion for travel, arts, and gadgets, Renee brings a unique perspective to the platform, blending her diverse interests into captivating and informative articles. In addition to her travel expertise, Renee’s passion for the arts and gadgets adds an exciting dimension to Euro Tech Talk. She curates engaging content that delves into the intersection of technology and creativity, exploring how gadgets and innovations influence and enhance artistic expression.

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