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Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It was released worldwide on October 2016 for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Battlefield 1 features World War I as its setting

The “battlefield 1 guide reddit” is a detailed, in-depth guide for the game. The article includes tips and tricks for new players, as well as information on weapons, vehicles, maps, and more.

Creating a distinctive costume in Battlefield 1 takes a little more finesse than in earlier games in the series. And it’s all because the majority of the weapons are variants of one another. Because the game’s classes are more specialized, there are no weapons available to agnostics.

The best equipment is that which is totally tailored to suit a certain function rather than just providing you with a decent weapon or a good gun fit. To put it another way, your style of play dictates how you create BF1. Services that will teach you how to pass through it in ways you hadn’t even thought before.

Gas Cutter is a Stormtrooper class.

M97 Model 10-A or gas grenades as a weapon of choice Luger pistol + Hellfighter

This is one of the most powerful builds available today. In theory, all it means is to suffocate your foes with gas, forcing them to retreat or put on gas masks. The adversaries’ masks have a restricted viewing angle, which disadvantages them. With a shotgun, you don’t have to aim, which provides you a huge advantage and boosts efficiency. This means you’ll have a great chance to take down many foes before they know what’s going on.

In terms of firing accuracy, the Luger pistol is one of the greatest. Given that you may periodically battle in a room full of adversaries with your primary weapon depleted, you will just need a dependable and proven pistol to do the job in the time between recharging.

You may also use this construct to replace the M1918 shotgun rifle. It boasts a rapid rate of fire and a great precision of firing. It soon fills up with note cartridges.

Armor Destroyer is a Stormtrooper class.

MP18 + M1911 + rocket launcher + dynamite + light antitank grenade are the weapons of choice.

The enemy stormtroopers’ equipment has always been the major goal. Without a question, individuals in armored vehicles face the greatest danger from this type. And this outfit is only dedicated to annihilating these foes.

MP18 was once accessible to all stormtroopers. In general, it will be one of the better weapon models for the class, working well at close range. The remaining devices are only designed to penetrate armor. It is suggested to maintain this as a current class in the game and switch to it in a circumstance when the opponent has a technological edge on the battlefield.

Furthermore, grenades and dynamite are capable of destroying infantry if required.

Ranged assistance is a Medic class.

Mondragon Sniper + bag + medical + rifle grenade smoke grenade is the weapon of choice.

If you like to lag behind your teammates but still want to aid the squad, this gear provides you access to a long-range weapon and the ability to suppress enemy fire while also putting unnecessary burden on snipers. The smoke and rifle grenades will swiftly replenish your health, but the biggest benefit is due to the bandages.

Smoke grenades are ideal for storming assault operations, or when you need a few seconds to neutralize an enemy sniper, or when you want to stand on a well-defended front line and watch your friends die and writhe in anguish one by one. To assist the squad in moving ahead, throw one.

Frontline Fighter Support Class

Madsen MG Storm + Luger pistol ammunition package with explosives +

The Support Class in Battlefield 1 has altered drastically and is no longer as known to us as it was in earlier installments of the series, making the game rather challenging for a support. And it’s all because of the critical requirement to handle a non-standard set of weaponry with care. This equipment, on the other hand, comes the closest to assault rifles in terms of accuracy and utility in the preceding sections of the series.

Madsen MG Storm is a highly accurate light machine gun with a large capacity for completing any assignment. You may use it at close and medium ranges without having to hold the trigger for an extended period of time to enhance accuracy (the accuracy of the machine guns in the BF1 increases with time). The Luger pistol is a superb close-range weapon, and with the Madsen MG Storm, it’s much better for forming BF4-style combinations.

You and your colleagues will need ammo on a frequent basis. Unlike the bags, the ammo box includes explosives and ammunition that may be distributed to numerous persons at once. You will not be able to run and hunt with this build. So, if you have the opportunity to toss a box of ammo, it’s best to sit stationary for a few seconds and help keep your comrades fully supplied in the front.

Explosives will get the job done if you need to disperse the locked doors or demolish armor. Ended? It’s not an issue; just utilize the box!

Mortar is a support class.

Lewis Gun Suppressive + M1911 + box + mortar ammo are the weapons of choice.

This build is intended for individuals who are unfamiliar with the class’s quirks. As well as others who would rather be a supporting character rather than a stormtrooper. The local Lewis Gun is ideal for suppressing the enemy and has enough ammo to keep them detained for a time, thereby blocking any effort to shoot the advertisement.

Because the primary battleground will consist of several trenches and ditches, a mortar will be another gadget with which you may assist the squad. Especially now since mortars have such a large capacity. Not to mention the utmost in user-friendliness. Take one, aim, and fire the projectile towards a group of opposing troops for maximum damage.

Mega Sniper is a Scout Class.

SMLE MK3 Marksman + + Luger pistol gun + sniper shield SMLE MK3 Marksman + + Luger pistol gun SMLE MK3 Marksman + + Luger pistol gun SMLE

While snipers may frustrate certain players, there are instances when a stationary sniper is required in Battlefield 1. This isn’t much aid to the squad, but if you want to influence people’s minds about you, this is one of the finest weapons you can use.

One of the greatest sniper rifles in the game is the SMLE MK3 Marksman. It’s also available in a version with an eye that lets you control distant distances. When you combine it with a sniper shield, you’ll be considerably harder to catch. In addition, the signal rocket must be placed in order for you and your teammates to see adversaries on the map. Flare is more more beneficial in this class than K-bullets, which get relatively few armored vehicles in your range of view.

The Scout Class is a powerful force for progress.

SMLE MK3 Infantry + Luger pistol rocket launcher + trench periscope are the weapons of choice.

This gear is meant for the few courageous people who would rather be closer to the heart of the conflict than bored on a hill.

With its fast rate of fire, the SMLE MK3 is ideal for close combat. An optical sight would be hard to fit on this model, but a regular rifle will do for the distances you’ll be dealing with.

Trench periscope may be used to mark goals and spot dangers to your squad while on the move. It’s also a terrific method to see whether your attack is up to the task of shielding your team while they’re down.

If you achieve level 10 in the Scout class, you’ll be able to obtain sharpshooter Marini Henry, another fantastic figure. You will, however, need recharging after each murder. Marini Henry is easy to use, but it’s not quite what you’re looking for if you want to get the most out of it.

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The “battlefield 1 wiki” is a guide to Battlefield 1. It includes information on weapons, maps, and game modes. The article also has links to other guides that are available for the game.

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Is Battlefield 1 still good?

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How do I get better at Battlefield 1?

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Is Battlefield 1 Difficult?

A: Battlefield 1 is a bit more difficult than its previous titles, but not too much so.

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