iPhone camera vs Android camera


The iphone camera is better than the android camera because it has a faster shutter speed, and a more accurate focus. This allows you to take pictures that are in focus, and have less blur. The iphone also has a larger megapixel camera. The android may have more features, but the iphone takes better quality pictures.


The iphone camera has a better megapixel count. This means it can take more high res photos. The iphone takes pictures at 8-megapixels, while the droid only takes 5-megapixeles. If you zoom in on an 8-megapixel picture taken with the iphone, it is not as pixelated as the same picture taken with a 5-megapixel camera like on the droid.

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Camera speed (shutter speed)

The iphone has faster shutter speed than android, meaning it takes pictures more quickly. This gives you more time to take other pictures, because the phone is not taking forever to focus and snap the first picture. The iphone takes pictures in 0.7 seconds, while the droid takes 1.5 seconds.


The phone with the actual camera hardware that is better for taking focused photos is the iphone, not the droid. The pixel size on an iPhone is larger than it is on a droid, which means the camera can capture light more efficiently. The iphone takes photos that are in better focus because the camera hardware is better, and it takes higher quality pictures.

Size of picture files

The actual size of a picture taken with an iPhone will be bigger than the same picture taken with a droid. This is because the iphone has a larger pixel size. The iphone takes 8-megapixeles, while the droid only takes 5-megapixeles. This is not to say that the quality of the picture taken with an iPhone is better than one taken with a droid. The droid droid has more features than the iphone, but it does not take better photos.

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Sensor size

Although the droid has more megapixels, the size of the actual sensor in both cameras is pretty much the same. The iphone camera will take pictures with better quality than a droid, because it has a bigger pixel size and higher resolution.

Image stabilization

The iphone has image stabilization, which means it will take better quality pictures. The droid does not have this feature, so it does not have the capability to take crisp, focused photos on its own.


The droid has a brighter flash than an iPhone. This allows you to take more clearer night time pictures with the droid camera. The iphone does not have this feature, so its pictures in the dark are more pixelated.


The iphone has a better aperture than the droid. The iphone camera takes pictures in f/2.4, while the droid only takes them in f/2.0. This gives you more control over how light comes into your picture on an iPhone camera.

Optical image stabilization

This feature will keep the lens steady even when the phone is moving, or if your hand is shaky. The iphone has this feature and the droid does not. This allows you to take pictures that are more focused and in better quality.

Why is there a blue dot on my iPhone camera?

The blue dot in the middle of your iPhone’s camera lens is something called a “sapphire crystal cover lens,” which doesn’t affect the quality of your photographs at all. It just means that when you take a picture, it will be focused on the sapphire crystal cover lens rather than the actual camera. A lot of people believe that the sapphire crystal cover lens is an extra layer of protection for your iPhone camera, but as far as we can tell, it doesn’t protect anything. It’s just a little blue dot that you don’t need to worry about at all.


iPhone camera has a lot more features and takes better quality photos than other smartphone cameras. This does not mean you should always use your iphone to take pictures, but it will certainly give you an advantage over those who do not have one.


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