Known Windows 11 issue prevents millions of users from upgrading


Microsoft has been struggling to keep up with the demand for Windows 10, as millions of users have been unable to upgrade because of a known issue. The company is now offering a free update that should fix the problem, but it will take time for all those affected to get it.

The windows 11 installation assistant disappeared is an issue that has been present since the Windows 10 release. Millions of users have reported this issue, but it only affects a small percentage of Windows users.

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  • Everyone is ecstatic about the chance to update to the new OS for free.
  • It turns out that certain users may not have the opportunity to do so for the time being.
  • People are now unable to update because of compatibility problems.
  • The problem is caused by apps that utilize non-ASCII characters in their registry entries or subkeys.


If you were planning to update from Windows 10 to the newest version, you should be aware that you may not be able to do it at all.

Microsoft has discovered a new bug that may create issues for users transitioning to the new operating system.

As a result, customers who use programs that generate registry entries that include non-ASCII characters will be unable to upgrade to Windows 11.

For certain people, Windows 11 is no longer available.

According to Redmond authorities, such applications may be impossible to launch on affected computers and may also cause other problems or failures in Windows 11, version 21H2, including BSOD crashes.

Apps that use non-ASCII characters in their registry entries or subkeys have been discovered to have compatibility problems with Windows 11.

Apps that are affected may be impossible to launch and may cause additional problems or failures in Windows, including the potential of getting a blue screen error.

As if things weren’t terrible enough, registry keys containing non-ASCII characters may be irreversible in certain circumstances.

Despite the fact that it isn’t stated on the known issue’s Windows Health dashboard item, Microsoft has combined it with a prior problem that prevented users of the Cc Cc browser from upgrading to Windows 11.

The safeguard ID for devices using the Cc Cc browser is 35891494, if your company uses Update Compliance.

To protect customers’ experiences, the tech giant has implemented a compatibility hold, which prevents impacted Windows machines from being offered or downloading the latest OS.

Users are also urged not to use the Media Creation Tool or the Update now option to manually update until a remedy is available.


Aside from this severe issue, Microsoft is looking into seven other known hardware or software incompatibilities that may cause system instability or crashes.

We may cite problems like the taskbar not updating, the Start menu not opening, AMD CPU performance degradation, and other severe faults as examples.

Also being addressed are issues with the Windows 11 File Explorer utilizing too much RAM, incompatibility issues with Oracle VirtualBox VMs, and slower internet connections with Intel Killer and Dell’SmartByte applications.

We’ll update you as soon as we get more information regarding Microsoft’s response to these instances.

Have you had problems upgrading to Windows 11 because registry entries include non-ASCII characters? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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The windows 11 powershell is a Windows update issue that has been present for a while. Millions of users are unable to upgrade their systems because of the issue.

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