You can now block invitation phishing attempts using Google Calendar


This article will discuss the steps you can take to protect yourself from phishing attempts, and how to prevent them.

The “google calendar spam iphone” is a new feature that has been added to Google Calendar. This feature allows users to block invitation phishing attempts.


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  • Google comes to the rescue of consumers and assists them in their battle against hackers.
  • The most recent updates to the Calendar will undoubtedly be beneficial to us.
  • As a result, blocking unsolicited Google Calendar invites is now a lot simpler.
  • Threat actors utilize these invites to distribute undesirable material.


Do you want to stop malevolent third parties from setting you up for failure by getting rid of all the invites you get through your Calendar?

Google now makes it simple to prevent unauthorized calendar invites from being added to your Google Calendar, which are often utilized by threat actors in phishing and criminal activities.

The firm updated the Automatically add invites setting in the Calendar settings to do this.

You may now select whether or not invites are immediately added to your calendar or only if you answer to the email event invitation.

To combat phishing, Google has changed its Calendar settings.

These extra features, according to Google, may help you manage your calendar with less human effort by ensuring that undesired events aren’t shown and that you only view the events that are essential to you.

The new capability began going out to Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers, and users with personal Google Accounts on a Rapid Release basis.


It’s about time, given Google has been working on a solution to prevent spammers from automatically sending harmful invites to Google Calendar users for quite some time.

Many people were unaware of the problem at first, while certain spam events were leading prospective victims to phishing landing sites through malicious URLs.

The purpose of these assaults is to steal the victims’ credentials or infect them with malware via malicious websites.

Given that Google Calendar is accessible as a web software on all desktop platforms and as a mobile app for Android and iOS, such activities might potentially reach millions of individuals.

To put the magnitude in perspective, the Google Calendar Android app has been downloaded 1,000,000,000 times, according to its Play Store listing.

So it’s not difficult to imagine the scope of such an internet disaster. As a result, be sure you’re following all security precautions and safeguarding your sensitive data.

Have you ever gotten such suspicious Google Calendar invites? Please tell us about your experience in the comments area below.

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