How to Troubleshoot ‘Error Adding Friend’ Problem in Steam


Errors can happen in any software, and the internet is full of how-tos on solving them. However, when you run into a seemingly unending loop of errors with Steam or other programs that rely on friend requests it’s hard to know where to start troubleshooting. This guide will cover some common issues and solutions for users who are experiencing this problem often enough they’ve become frustrated at their inability to add friends online.

If you are having issues adding friends in Steam, try the following solutions. If it still doesn’t work, contact a Steam Support representative.

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You can purchase games, play with friends, exchange images and custom game materials, and share games via the Steam online gateway. When you sign up for this service and buy a game, you’ll have access to these features. To play a co-op or cooperative game with a buddy, you must first add them to Steam.

It is not difficult to add a buddy, although there may be some issues. When Steam is unable to add friends, it shows the error message “Add Friend Error.” “Your connection with this user has been terminated” or “Add Friend Error.” Please try one more.”

When adding friends on Steam, what causes the error?


  • Maximum number of friends.
  • The user has been removed from the system.
  • The friend system is broken.
  • There is a limit to the account.

How can I fix the Steam Add Friend error?

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Check-if-the-user-is-blocked-steam-fix Check to see whether the user has been banned.

  1. Open up your Steam account.
  2. On the right side, click the Manage Friends option.
  3. Select the Blocked Users option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Locate a user who has been banned and click on it.
  5. Select Delete all messages from the More menu.
  6. Finally, choose Yes, unlock them to make that user available.

Using the command flush config

  1. To launch the Run dialog box, press Windows + R.
  2. Type steam:/flushconfig into the Run dialog box and click OK or Enter.
  3. Steam will then restore its settings, allowing you to add friends once again.

Family sharing should be disabled.

  1. Start Steam.
  2. Open the Family tab on the Settings screen.
  3. Disable all PCs by selecting the Manage other PCs option.

Add a buddy by locking and unlocking him or her.

  1. Simply go to their profile, pick “More,” and then “Block all communications.”
  2. Then unblock them and attempt to re-add them.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions

You can’t send Steam friendship invitations unless you’ve bought a game or added money to your Steam Wallet. New accounts are limited until they have spent a modest amount of money. You may ask your friends to email you an invitation link before you purchase if you wish to add pals before you buy.


Your buddy list is restricted to 250 individuals by default, and each level adds 5 persons, for a total of 50 spots every milestone (10, 20, etc.). When you link your Facebook account, you’ll get another 50 seats, bringing the total to 300.


Steam does not enable users to add friends unless they have verified their identity by purchasing a $5 item. As long as you don’t purchase anything from the shop, this error will appear. This method is used by the firm to prevent spamming and outsiders from gaining access to the community.



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Steam is a popular game distribution platform. The “how to know if someone blocked you on steam” is a problem that has been present for a while. Google has released 9 fixes to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why cant I add friends on Steam after purchase?

A: You cant add friends on Steam until youve played a game with them or found their profile.

Why cant I add friends on Steam after spending 5 dollars?

A: Steam does not allow a user to spend more than $5 to add on friends. This is due to the fact that if you were allowed free DLC, people would just buy it and be done with it; this means less money for developers and publishers, which in turn makes games cheaper.

How do you meet the requirements to add friends on Steam?

A: To add friends on Steam, you need to make sure your steam profile is set up correctly. You will also want to ensure the privacy settings are not blocking other people from contacting you. If those steps do not work and you still cant get in contact with someone, its possible they might be blocked by another player that doesnt like them

  • error adding friend. communication between you and this user has been blocked.
  • steam can’t add friends does not meet requirements
  • failed to send invitation please retry. steam
  • steam add friend cooldown
  • dota 2 can t add friend
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