How to fix the oobesettings error in Windows 11


The oobesettings error is a bug in Windows 10 where your computer won’t turn back on correctly after it shuts down. This tutorial will show you how to fix the issue so that your PC can automatically start up again without any intervention.

The “oobesettings error windows 11” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 4 fixes to fix the issue.


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  • When your system’s registry is corrupted, you’ll get the Windows 11 oobesettings error.
  • The SFC tool, as explained below, may be used to fix the issue.
  • Obesettings When you attempt to launch any application or software, you may get a message that something went wrong. 



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The oobesetings problem in Windows 11 is a blue screen issue caused by a corrupted registry, which is a database for all of your computer’s applications and drivers. 

When the registry is corrupted, it creates issues across the operating system. If you get an oobesetings error, you must repair your registry to resolve the issue.

It’s essentially a Windows database that stores a variety of settings and choices for your computer. A registry issue might result in issues that prevent your computer from booting properly or perhaps starting at all.

If you encounter this problem while opening a new file for the first time, it’s most likely due to a memory limitation. Increasing your virtual memory may aid in the resolution of the issue.

It’s possible that your computer doesn’t have enough installed RAM to run all of your apps at the same time. Alternatively, extra RAM may be installed or the size of your apps can be reduced to make them operate quicker.

oobesettings is a Windows program for resetting user preferences and settings in Windows 11. It launches a wizard to assist you in configuring your computer after a network or hardware change, such as adding or deleting an add-in card, altering power settings, or installing new software.

It detects fundamental hardware components, configures Microsoft Office, and updates system settings to automatically configure the operating system. The program is built into Windows and does not need to be installed.

Why does Windows 11 display the oobesettings error? 

It’s a widespread problem among Windows 11 users. Typically, the issue may display when you access or use a certain program, particularly some gaming apps. You’ll see an error message like this when you first start using the app: 

I’m unable to begin [some name]. Because oobesettings.dll was not found, this application was unable to start.

A faulty registry is the source of the oobesettings error message. When you are unable to open a file or access the data you need, you may see one of many error messages. It might be aggravating to hunt for a remedy, but the good news is that many errors are fixable.

Fix-Firefox-error-ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key TIP

It is advised that you maintain frequent backups and store them on multiple drives or places to prevent this kind of problem in the future (if possible).

Do not be concerned if you see the oobesettings error on Windows 11. Here are a few solutions to help you get back on your feet. 

What can I do in Windows 11 to repair the oobesttings error?

1. Restart your computer.

Restarting your computer is the simplest approach to resolve this problem. If the problem is caused by a transitory reason, such as a pending service pack or an installed program that is clashing with your existing settings, this will remedy the problem.

2. Make use of the SFC program.

  1. On your taskbar, click the Search button and type cmd.1640160454_552_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  2. Choose the option to run as an administrator.1640160454_362_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  3. Then type sfc/scannow at the command prompt.How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  4. Wait for the scan to finish before restarting your device to see whether the problem has been addressed.

3. Make a registry repair

  1. To launch the Run dialog box, press Windows key + R on your keyboard.1640160455_90_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  2. Then, in the Run window, type the following code and press Enter to launch the Windows Registry Editor: regedit 1640160455_366_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  3. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/ Memory Management is the way to take.1640160456_697_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  4. In the right pane, right-click on the CommitLimit value and choose Delete. When you get a confirmation message, click Yes.1640160456_758_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  5. Restart your computer after closing the Windows Registry Editor.

4. Windows 11 should be reset.

  1. To access Settings, press Windows Key + I.1640156492_915_How-to-fix-the-Windows-11-error-code-0x800f0830
  2. Select Recovery from the System drop-down menu.1640160457_527_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  3. Then press the Reset PC button.1640160458_589_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  4. Choose the appropriate option. Remove everything is preferable in most circumstances, but if you do so, make sure you back up your data beforehand.1640160458_578_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  5. Choose the sort of reinstall you’d want. The Local reinstall was utilized.1640160459_558_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  6. Verify your reinstall options.1640160459_320_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  7. To begin the procedure, click Reset.1640160460_899_How-to-fix-the-oobesettings-error-in-Windows-11
  8. To complete it, follow the directions on the screen.

Reinstall Windows if you’re still having issues after attempting all of the above options. All of your data will be wiped, and you’ll be able to start anew with a new system.

It is crucial to emphasize, however, that this option should only be utilized as a last resort. Here’s one of our step-by-step tips for downloading the Windows 11 ISO or updating from Windows 10 to get everything back up and running.

Why does Windows 11 give you the oobekeyboard error?

Let us warn you that if you receive this error instead, the oobekeyboard error will prohibit you from using your computer. It is a major issue that arises as a result of corruption in the Windows 11 system files. 

Furthermore, the problem might be caused by a corrupted OS registry. It’s also worth noting that a defective hard disk is often the cause of this problem.

Your system files may be corrupt, or a crucial system file may have been removed or lost, resulting in the error notice. 

Furthermore, if your Windows 11 registry is missing or corrupted, the issue will arise. The oobekeyboard problem will persist eternally if you do not correct the faults yourself, and you will be unable to use your computer.

Running a comprehensive diagnostic scan with an advanced cleanup application is the best method to repair the fault. Within seconds, this program will detect and correct any faults it finds, guaranteeing that your computer runs more effectively and without errors. 

Because they are entirely compatible with Windows 11, you may use one of these finest registry cleanup programs.

What is the purpose of the Surface Go Oobesettings? Is there a problem that needs to be fixed?

Oobesettings for the Surface Go When your device is infected by malicious third-party software, the Something Went Wrong error shows in Windows 11.

As a result, it’s vital to remember that depending on the infection, the problem might manifest itself in a variety of ways. The error message itself isn’t hazardous, but it does warn that you should use a good antivirus to solve the issue right away.

Microsoft has recognized the problem and is expected to address it in a future update. It only affects PCs that connect to the Internet while in OOBE, such as when setting up a new computer for the first time or installing Windows 11 after using Refresh or Reset.

Is Windows 11 affected by the oobemsangcenroll error?

When an update fails, you’ll see another error message called Oobemsangcenroll. This might happen for a variety of reasons, but any updates that aren’t correctly deployed should always be discussed with your IT administrator. 

There may be a dispute between new and old components that must be addressed before the whole system is upgraded. If this occurs, create a backup in case you need to restore to an older version of the program.

Visit our tutorial on how to repair Microsoft Security Essentials OOBE issues for more information on how to remedy the problem quickly and effectively.

If none of these approaches work for you, it’s conceivable that there’s a more serious problem at hand. If you’re utilizing a VPN or proxy server, for example.

It’s also possible that it’s interfering with Windows’ ability to connect to its own settings effectively. If this is the case, consider turning off these applications to see if things get better.

Revert to your prior version of Windows and then run Windows Update again if this issue occurs during an update. This should take care of any remaining concerns, allowing you to continue upgrading without difficulty.

Which of the approaches listed above helped you in resolving the issue? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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The “oobekeyboard error windows 10 install” is a problem that many Windows users are experiencing. This article will go over how to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix Oobesettings something went wrong?

A: To fix the Oobesettings something went wrong, simply enter Beat Saber through Steam.

How do you bypass Oobesettings?

A: I am not sure what you are asking me.

What is Oobesettings?

A: Oobesettings is the in-game configuration settings for Beat Saber. It can be accessed by pressing start during gameplay and then selecting O from the games pause menu to bring up a list of options.
Some of these include turning on or off vibration feedback, adjusting your sensitivity, which buttons you use on the controller to turn with your head, and more!

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