WSA not working in Windows 11? Try these fixes


It’s been a year since Windows 10 came out, but there are still problems with the latest iteration. Here are some solutions for common issues that have complicated WSA not working in Windows 11.


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  • If the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) isn’t operating correctly, you may reset it to repair the issue without having to re-download anything.
  • The repair option allows you to reset the subsystem while maintaining your settings and programs.
  • You may also use the reset button, which would remove all programs and settings and reinstall WSA in its original condition.



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Microsoft has made it feasible for Windows 11 users to run Android apps. This is great news for users since it means that they can now download and use applications not just on their smartphones, but also on the large screen of their Windows 11 desktop computer.

When it comes to running Android applications on Windows 11, Microsoft has put in place a complex architecture to make it possible. WSA stands for Windows Subsystem for Android and is an acronym for Windows Subsystem for Android.

As previously said, the technology that drives the functioning of Android applications is quite advanced, therefore you’re likely to run across issues like apps not operating on Windows 11.

Following our discovery of the core cause of our present problem, we’ll provide you a list of potential options to attempt in order to address it. Keep up with us!

What went wrong with WSA?

After doing extensive investigation into this problem, it was revealed that there are a variety of circumstances that might eventually result in this sort of behavior on Windows 11. WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

The following are some instances in which the WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android) functionality could not work:

Virus-infected WSA installation — You may observe that this issue appears quickly after an antivirus product has been compelled to quarantine certain WSA infrastructure files. In this circumstance, it is strongly advised that you take advantage of the chance to reinstall the Android subsystem. Interference with virtual private network (VPN) software — While it may seem unlikely, VPN software interference is one of the most prevalent causes of this problem on Windows 11. The software has been demonstrated to be hampered by a number of third-party items. Overprotective antivirus software – It turns out that VPN software isn’t the only thing that may prevent WSA from working properly on Windows 11 if it’s installed. There are a number of third-party antivirus programs that will simply disable the Windows Subsystem for Android. WSA temporary files that have been corrupted — If you’ve previously used the WSA infrastructure and have successfully ran some Android applications before experiencing this issue, you’re probably dealing with some residual temporary files. Outdated Microsoft Store Framework — It turns out that this problem may be traced back to an out-of-date Microsoft Store foundation. It’s important to remember that Microsoft has published a critical update for the WSA integration that must be installed in order for the Subsystem to work.

Let’s move on from our examination of probable reasons for this sort of problem to the actual remedies that should be able to assist you address the Windows Subsystem for Android issue with Microsoft’s newest operating system.

What can I do if WSA in Windows 11 doesn’t work?

1. Remove your VPN.

  1. To start a new Run box, press Windows + R, then type or paste appwiz.cpl and press Enter.1639552056_544_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  2. Locate your VPN app, right-click it, and select Uninstall from the menu that appears.1639552057_39_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

We don’t know why this problem is happening, and we haven’t gotten an official explanation from Microsoft, but the link is apparent since we’ve found a large number of people who have claimed that the problem went away when they deleted the VPN software.

2. Reinstall the app.

  1. To enter the Settings app, press the Windows key + I, then choose Apps, then Apps & Features.Skype-keeps-crashing-on-Windows-11-Heres-what-to-do
  2. Search for Windows Subsystem Android in the search box once inside the Apps & Features panel, then select the three dot menu next to it, followed by Advanced options.
  3. Scroll down to the Reset section, and then select the Repair button.1639048063_773_Outlook-keeps-crashing-on-Windows-11-Check-these-fixes

Allow the Repair procedure to finish before rebooting your computer to make the changes. Check to check whether the WSA app’s functionality has been restored by restarting it.

3. Restart the application.

Windows-10-Activation-error-0xc0020036 NOTE

All of the information previously saved in the WSA application will be lost if you reset the software. As a consequence, before you begin the process of resetting your device to factory settings, we highly encourage you to make a backup of any vital data.

  1. To enter the Settings app, press the Windows key + I, then choose Apps, then Apps & Features.Skype-keeps-crashing-on-Windows-11-Heres-what-to-do
  2. Search for Windows Subsystem Android in the search box once inside the Apps & Features panel, then select the three dot menu next to it, followed by Advanced options.
  3. Scroll down to the Reset area, and then select the Reset button.1639033367_90_Skype-keeps-crashing-on-Windows-11-Heres-what-to-do

4. Make sure the Microsoft Store Framework is up to date.

  1. To start a new Run box, press Windows + R, then type or paste msi-windows-store: and press Enter.1639552059_437_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  2. Click Library in the left-bottom corner of the Home page once you’re there.1639552059_781_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  3. To update the complete Microsoft Store Framework, including WSA, click Get updates.1639552060_31_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

5. Make a Windows update

  1. To access the Settings app, press Windows key + I, then choose Windows Update from the left panel.1638518676_494_How-to-fix-Kernel-Security-Check-Failure-in-Windows-11
  2. If you need to download any new updates, click the Install now option and wait for the procedure to complete; otherwise, click the Check for updates button.1638518677_650_How-to-fix-Kernel-Security-Check-Failure-in-Windows-11

If you’re using an earlier version of Windows, it’s conceivable that this is causing the problem, which may be solved by upgrading the operating system. The problem will almost certainly be fixed in a future software version.

6. Turn off your antivirus software for the time being.

  1. Right-click on your antivirus icon and choose Avast shields control, then Disable for 10 minutes from the expand arrow on your taskbar.1639552061_581_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes
  2. If you have other antivirus applications installed, you may temporarily deactivate the app by following the same or similar methods as before.1639552062_74_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

If the problem no longer happens, it’s likely that your antivirus program was the root of the issue. You should try utilizing another antivirus solution that is compatible with Windows 11 to defend your machine.

Is it possible to install APK on Windows 11?

In Windows 11, PK sideloading is enabled, enabling users to install any Android app that is presently available on their PC, both inside and outside of the Play Store. 1639552062_171_WSA-not-working-in-Windows-11-Try-these-fixes

However, sideloading is not enabled by default on Windows, and if you are comfortable with the command line, the procedure may take some time.

Microsoft has created its own virtual machine container to enable Android applications to operate as natively as possible on the desktop, and provided you have access to the Amazon AppStore, which is strongly recommended, the installation procedure is very straightforward.

Check out our article on how to install Android games and applications on Windows 11 for more information on the subject.

Users found it useful as an option after following our guide on how to operate the Google Play Store on Windows 11. Remember to have a peek at it as well!

Finally, read our detailed comparison of Windows 11 and Android emulators, which explains how WSA differs from other app emulators and what benefits it may provide.

Let us know which approach works best for you in the comments area below, as well as how many Android applications you have already loaded on your Windows 11 PC. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Windows Security is not opening in Windows 11?

A: Your Windows Security is not opening because the program has been removed from your computer.

How do I fix Windows 11 not working?

A: You can usually fix this by downloading the latest version of Windows from Microsofts website.

Are there any problems with Windows 11?

A: If you are referring to the new name for Windows, it is not a problem.

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