Brave ad notifications are not properly working on Windows 11


Brave is a privacy-focused browser that blocks distractions and ad trackers. It’s easy to install, but sometimes it can be tricky to get up and running on Windows. Let’s walk through how you fix the problem!

The “focus mode windows 11” is a feature that was released with the release of Windows 10. The feature allows users to block advertisements on their browser, but it is not working properly on Windows 11.


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  • In our browsers, we’ll always have to cope with unpleasant bugs.
  • A problem has been reported by certain Brave users on Windows 11.
  • On the latest OS, it seems that ad notifications are no longer functional.
  • It has been determined that the issue also affects mobile app versions.


We can all agree that we’ll stumble across glitches and issues from time to time, depending on which browser we use, and some are more reliable than others.

However, bugs can exist, and some Brave users have lately complained about an issue with advertisements.

We know this isn’t a widespread problem since many people are still reporting that they aren’t impacted.

Some Windows 11 users are experiencing issues with ad alerts.

A post on the brave browser Subreddit earlier today details an issue that seems to make advertisements unusable on the aforementioned browser on a Windows 11 system.

Despite the fact that the number of people who responded to the postings was small, several of the people who did verified that they were dealing with the same problem. Unfortunately, merely restarting the browser will not solve the problem.

The person who reported this issue also claims to have tried all of the troubleshooting instructions mentioned on the Brave official website with no success.

Furthermore, as another user pointed out in a comment to the same article, the flaw doesn’t seem to be restricted to online versions of the Brave application:

When I initially began using my phone, I experienced the same issue… I had to contact Brave, and it took a few days for them to resolve some difficulties on their end. It now works perfectly and gathers quickly.

After contacting Brave customer service, it seems that the identical issue, this time with the mobile version of the program, was resolved.

We’re not sure whether the same method applies to the online version, but a repair patch will almost certainly be released quickly when the firm learns of the problems.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated on any changes.

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The “windows 10 focus assist shortcut” is a problem that has been present for a while. Brave ad notifications are not properly working on Windows 11.

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