YouTube TV Offering Free HBO for 5 Days, But Not Max Exclusives


The “hbo max through youtube tv” is a promotion that YouTube TV is running. For 5 days, users can sign up for the service and get their first month of HBO for free. However, this does not include Max Exclusives.

YouTube TV is now offering free HBO for 5 days to new customers. This promotion will be available only until the end of July, so it’s worth taking advantage of before YouTube TV goes back to charging $40 per month.

For the next five days, all YouTube TV members may watch HBO series and movies for free. The offer may be used to try out HBO Max to see whether it’s worth paying for, or just to catch up on some of the latest HBO episodes and movies. However, YouTube TV’s free sample does not include all of the programming offered via HBO Max.


A YouTube TV membership costs $64.99 a month, while HBO Max costs $14.99 for the ad-free version or $9.99 for the ad-supported version. Subscribers to YouTube TV may now combine HBO Max, which is ad-free, with their live TV subscription. YouTube TV members may experience HBO Max for seven days without having to pay, albeit this will not lessen the cost of the extra subscription. To give you an example, HBO Max no longer provides a free trial to new subscribers.

Subscribers to YouTube TV won’t even need to sign up for HBO Max to watch series and movies for the next five days. The live TV provider has stated that members will now get a free HBO Max preview. The free period began today (June 17) and will go through June 21, giving you five full days of HBO for free.


Because this is a free preview, the subscriber should do nothing more than tune in and start viewing. Furthermore, for individuals who want to keep HBO Max and add it to their live TV package, the preview will have no effect on the seven-day free trial YouTube TV provides. Subscribers to YouTube TV could theoretically combine the preview plus the free trial to get up to twelve days of HBO for free.

HBO Max is available, but not exclusives.

It’s worth noting that, despite YouTube TV’s marketing, this is more of an HBO preview than a ‘HBO Max’ preview. YouTube TV, for example, does not allow direct access to all of the programming accessible on HBO Max. Instead, users who subscribe to HBO Max via YouTube TV must utilize the TV Everywhere feature to get access to the extra Max exclusive series and movies by checking in to the HBO Max app or website using their live TV account credentials.

The issue is that YouTube TV users do not immediately get the TV Everywhere functionality required for HBO Max exclusive content when they sign up for the free sample. Those who take advantage of the preview will be restricted to mostly HBO programming since they will not be able to sign in to the HBO Max app and website using their subscription data, and they will not have access to the extra content via the YouTube TV app and website. Still, free is free when it comes to access to the HBO channel and HBO video on demand material.

YouTube TV is the source of this information (Twitter)

YouTube TV is offering a free weekend of HBO for 5 days. However, the offer doesn’t include Max Exclusives like Game of Thrones and Westworld. Reference: hbo free weekend 2021.

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