YouTube TV & Sling TV Affected By Roku Channel Loading Issue [Update: Fixed]


YouTube TV and Sling TV subscribers are experiencing what appears to be a Roku channel loading issue. Google & Hulu have both confirmed the issue is rooted in their content being incorrectly classified by Roku devices. While YouTube has removed itself from its own platform, many users are still unable to access certain channels on their TVs or streaming boxes

The “youtube tv login” is a problem that has been present for a while. The issue was fixed in an update, but it still persists on Roku devices.

Some YouTube TV and Sling TV users may get a “can’t run channel” or “could not be re-installed from the network” error message while attempting to use the app on a Roku device. Because there are rival services with few people subscribing to both, some may believe the problem is with YouTube TV or Sling TV. However, the issue seems to be with Roku. This implies that other applications (or channels in Roku terminology) may be impacted as well.


Sling TV and YouTube TV are two of the most popular services in the United States, both giving live TV channels to millions of people through the internet. Roku is also a well-known hardware firm, with its many Roku devices in widespread usage. Because of their prevalence, software issues may affect a large number of people when they occur.

Roku now seems to be experiencing a problem with channels (apps) failing to open. A number of users have reported the issue on social media and elsewhere, with some speculating that the glitch may just impact select applications while other Roku channels function well. Two of the Roku channels that may be impacted include YouTube TV and Sling TV, according to reports.


Roku is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. In the interim, there isn’t much that a Sling TV or YouTube TV subscription can do. Roku reveals that the problem initially appeared late yesterday night in a support article about the issue. Roku proposes checking sure the firmware on the device is up to date in a series of changes to the support site, while noting the problem is still unsolved.

Attempting to remove and reinstall the software does not seem to work, thus users should avoid doing so. Because of the continuing conflict between Roku and YouTube TV, it is especially vital for YouTube TV subscribers not to delete the channel from a Roku device, since the user may lose access to the program entirely. Affected customers are merely urged to wait till the issue has been rectified, apart from upgrading their Roku operating system to the newest version.

Update: 09/16: Roku has fixed the problem and released a patch. To implement the remedy, the user must upgrade their device’s firmware to the most recent version. Under the System section of the Settings, you’ll find the option to update the software.

YouTube TV & Sling TV have been hit with a Roku Channel Loading Issue. The issue has been fixed, but it is still unknown how long the fix will last. Reference: youtube tv app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube TV free with Amazon Prime?

A: YouTube TV is not currently available for free with any Amazon Prime subscription, but its still possible to use the service for a trial period of three days without paying.

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A: The easiest way to get YouTube TV is through their app.

Which is better Sling TV or YouTube TV?

A: I cannot answer this question, as it is subjective.

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